The Bitterness of
Poor Quality Remains
Long After the Sweetness
of Low Price is Forgotten!!

The Bitterness of
Poor Quality Remains
Long After the Sweetness
of Low Price is Forgotten!

Disclosure: Condition of Acceptance

Although we will provide the utmost care and treatment of your prized trophy, there are many factors beyond our control that may affect the final outcome of your mount for which Puma Taxidermy will not accept responsibility. Some of these factors can be, but are not limited to, primeness of the pelt, excessive heat creating hair slippage or spoilage, improper treatment and care of trophy in the field, including improperly skinned animals or feathers missing from birds prior to Puma Taxidermy receiving them, and skin or hide not tanning properly due to unknown condition of the skin or hide prior to receipt. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE TANNING. Puma Taxidermy assumes no responsibility for fire, theft, flood, vandalism or any casualty beyond our control. Field Care Tips 
50% DEPOSIT REQUIRED on all mounts except on ALL Migratory Birds 75% Deposit

(Migratory birds require a hunter's license number and hunter's signature due to Federal Regulations, before any-work can begin. THIS TAG REMAINS ATTACHED TO YOUR BIRD)

*All 1/2 life-size mounts will cost 70% of life-size.
*Crating and shipping will be billed extra.
*Pick-up and delivery available at extra charge.
*Storage fee for any animal left over 30 days from notification.
*Any work left over 60 days from notification will become the property of Puma Taxidermy.

*Please feel free to discuss your desire for your trophy.
*We will be happy to customize your order.
*Prices subject to change without notice.

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